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Transcend Onsite Care Solutions

Transcend Onsite Solutions offers primary healthcare to employers without the rising costs and hassle of our traditional insurance model. By purchasing primary care through Transcend, employers eliminate industry markups reaching the true cost of care. Secure quality healthcare 24 hours a day plus unlimited urgent care for your employees while attracting and retaining the best talent simultaneously with a Transcend Onsite Care Solutions Business Plan today!

The Healthcare Solution

The Transcend Onsite Care provides members with access to personalized medical services at a discounted monthly or annual fee. This fixed cost regardless of age or pre- existing health conditions saves an average of 25-30% on bottom line health expenses for employers. Under Transcend’s care, clients have access to extended visits with a board certified physicians 24 hours a day, advanced technology and screenings, plus unlimited urgent care. Diamond negotiates the lowest rate possible on ancillary services such as labs, imaging, and diagnostic testing. Instead of paying $4,000 for an MRI, your firm pays $400. Cholesterol checks are $4 instead of $125. We offer mobile imaging that can be sent to your office or an employees’ home at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit. The care that is not accommodated in-house, such as surgical procedures or cancer treatment, will be referred within a network of skilled specialists and covered under catastrophic insurance coverage. Employees are offered access to their primary care physician 24 hours a day by phone or e-mail, unlimited visits, and all medically necessary treatments with no hidden charges.

How Corporate Direct Medicine Works

Firms who provide valuable medical services, promote preventative action and create an effective alliance with a primary care provider cultivate a healthier work force. Typically insurance costs are fixed for the employer so that insurance companies benefit from reduced healthcare spending. When an employer transitions to a partially or fully self- insured plan, they are responsible for every healthcare dollar spent.

Transcend helps employers control spending and reduce individual healthcare risk, ultimately saving employers tens of thousands of dollars at the same time delivering concierge medical care to all employees 24 hours a day.

Executive Physical Program

The Diamond 360 Advanced Physical Exam is the true gold standard for cardiovascular risk assessment. Our technologically advanced evidence based method to detect, prevent, and reverse cardiovascular disease is revolutionary. If your goal is to attract and retain the best talent, or protect key executives from the stress and daily rigors of the corporate world, our Diamond 360 Program is the perfect investment. To learn more, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page or call 949-278-7464.

Transcend Onsite Care


To disrupt the way patients utilize healthcare insurance today. We are focused on providing superior access to value-based medical care

with our direct primary care. Our model allows employers to lower costs, align incentives, and improves access to their employee population.


We strive to become a national leader in employer direct primary care by scalingour unique healthcare model. Transcend Onsite Care integrates the

drug management strategies of a PBM and a physician led direct medicine platform that leads to improved employee engagement and health outcomes.


  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Excellence

  • Reliability

  • Improved Access

More Control.

Better Healthcare.
Lower Costs.

Need More Information?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our revolutionary approach to healthcare. We have office locations in California and Texas! We are here to help you enjoy and maintain excellent health, regardless of your stage in life.

If you would like to learn more about our concierge healthcare services, please give us a call today at 1-949-278-7464