Thoughtful approaches to prescription drug benefit plan design
Coupled with rising pharmaceutical healthcare costs, the traditional PBM model is inflating the prices plan sponsors and members pay in every major benefit market. How will you stay several steps ahead of the marketplace, the needs of your covered population, and the trajectory of your drug trend?

Work with a team that speaks your language.
ASCEND has specialists dedicated to specific markets, including Group and Commercial Health, Medicare Part D, Managed Medicaid, Health Insurance Exchanges, and Workers’ Compensation programs.
This is apparent in the way ASCEND’s account management and integrated client support teams are structured. Account personnel function as an extension of client teams working within ASCEND. This outside-in approach reinforces accountability for the goals you define. ASCEND account personnel are also appointed based on experience — your account and support teams will be versed in your plan and the specific domain(s) you serve.
All of this is set on a foundation of full accountability. ASCEND account teams report directly to the ASCEND executive team — no issue or client concern is ever more than two steps away from executive intervention.

ASCEND proudly partners with:

  • Health plans of all sizes

  • Self-insured employers

  • Unions

  • Health and hospital systems

  • Municipalities

  • State programs

  • Federal programs

  • Universities

  • Third-party administrators and insurers

  • Part D plan subcontractor and qualified employer sponsored

  • Managed Medicaid

  • Employer group sponsored retiree plans

  • Workers’ compensation clients

  • IPA and physician groups

If you’re looking to decelerate or reduce your drug trend while improving your beneficiaries’ overall healthcare, ASCEND is the partner for you.

Transcend Onsite Care


To disrupt the way patients utilize healthcare insurance today. We are focused on providing superior access to value-based medical care

with our direct primary care. Our model allows employers to lower costs, align incentives, and improves access to their employee population.


We strive to become a national leader in employer direct primary care by scalingour unique healthcare model. Transcend Onsite Care integrates the

drug management strategies of a PBM and a physician led direct medicine platform that leads to improved employee engagement and health outcomes.


  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Excellence

  • Reliability

  • Improved Access

More Control.

Better Healthcare.
Lower Costs.

Need More Information?

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